Discover Spot's true origins with 20% off a dog DNA test

TL;DR: Learn more about your dog's genetic makeup with the Wolf and Canid Hybrid Testing Kit from DNA My Dog. Grab one for just $69.99 as of May 6, a savings of 20%. 
Dog DNA test kits work similarly to the ones made for humans. You ship out a swab of your pup’s saliva and get results breaking down his genetic makeup. For a limited time, you can figure it out for a steal with DNA My Dog’s Wolf and Canid Hybrid Testing Kit.
This doggie DNA kit will tell you more about your dog’s breed — and whether or not it shares DNA with wolves or coyotes. Take a quick cheek swab, send in the sample with the pre-stamped envelope. In about two weeks, you’ll get your results via email, including a custom photo certificate of the breeds found in your dog’s genetic makeup and a percentage breakdown of the levels of each breed, which are about 99.97 percent accurate (according to the brand). Read more... More about Pets , Mashable Shopping , Dna Kits , Culture , and Animals

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