Forgotten Twitter feature shows off the embarrassing topics you follow

Twitter tends to reveal a lot about people. The tweets they like, the accounts they follow, and their inane 280-character musings depict a sometimes not-so-complex picture of the platform's users. 
And then there's Topics. Unveiled in November of last year , the mostly forgotten feature was pitched as a way to let you follow rather specific areas of interest (i.e. topics) rather than specific accounts.
Importantly, if your account is public, anyone can see what topics you've decided to follow — highlighting all the wonderful and strange stuff you go out of your way to keep abreast of. 

Twitter introduced a feature that I thought no one used. You can choose which topics you want to follow for your news feed and others can view your choices these are Eric Trumps Rogan, MMA, Hunting, and lying to himself that he gives a fuck about space
— zedster (@z3dster) September 2, 2020
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