Disney+'s 'The Mandalorian' returns this fall. More Baby Yoda in 2020!

If there's one thing that can save us from total darkness in 2020, it's The Child. Disney's The Mandalorian will return to Disney+ with all-new episodes in October, continuing the saga of a bounty hunter who sort of accidentally became a parent.

This is the day. New episodes start streaming Oct. 30 on #DisneyPlus #TheMandalorian pic.twitter.com/8oruZ3oedx
— The Mandalorian (@themandalorian) September 2, 2020

Season 1 of The Mandalorian concluded with our titular hero (Pedro Pascal) taking full responsibility for The Child's wellbeing, but not without a few big personal revelations. We learned that Mando's real name is Din Djarin, and saw his face for the first time when he removed his helmet in front of IG-11 (R.I.P.). We also spent some more time with the insidious Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito), who survives the crash of his spacecraft and will no doubt hunt both father and child to the far reaches of the galaxy. Read more... More about Entertainment , Television , Star Wars , The Mandalorian , and Disney Plus

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