Soak in the epic awkwardness of John Boehner calling Chuck Todd 'a shit' on live TV

John Boehner is doing a book tour, and that means John Boehner is doing interviews. If you know anything about his new, pulls-no-punches tell-all, that means fireworks are always possible.
Boehner had those fireworks primed and ready to go during a Sunday appearance on CNN's Meet the Press . Toward the end of the interview, host Chuck Todd asked the Ohio Republican and former U.S. House Speaker if he'd ever return to politics.
"I'd rather set myself on fire than to run for office again," Boehner replied with a wry grin. But then, Todd immediately spoiled the whole game by admitting that he'd asked the question hoping for that kind of response. A bemused Boehner listens along, his face temporarily frozen, before responding. Read more... More about John Boehner , Culture , Web Culture , and Politics

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