Twitter to start explaining why its trending section is such a nightmare

Twitter knows its trending section is a confusing mess . 
In an effort to rectify that, the company that brought us trending gems like " demon sperm " plans to revamp the section in an attempt to answer the seemingly unanswerable question of "Why the hell is this thing trending?"
To accomplish this, Twitter is taking a two-pronged approach. Starting today, for some trends, the company will include what it deems to be a representative tweet at the top of a trending page. In the near future, Twitter will also add "brief descriptions" to some trending pages. 
"[Some] trends will have a representative Tweet pinned to them to give you more insight about a trend right away," wrote Twitter product manager Frank Oppong and Twitter product trust partner Liz Lee in a press release announcing the change. "A combination of algorithms and our curation team determine if a Tweet represents a trend by evaluating if the Tweet is very reflective of the trend and popular." Read more... More about Twitter , Trending , Tech , and Social Media Companies

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