Hulu debuts powerful clip of upcoming documentary 'I Am Greta'

As a result of their environmental impact, activist Greta Thunberg doesn't take planes. 
It's this powerful decision that landed the teenage activist on a wind-powered ship bound for the United Nations Climate Change Summit in New York City last summer, as shown in the first footage from Hulu's upcoming documentary I Am Greta. 
Thunberg's trans-Atlantic voyage , beginning from the southern coast of England, makes up just one part of director Nathan Grossman's portrait of the world-famous environmental advocate. Set to premiere on Thursday at the Venice Film Festival, I Am Greta will profile Thunberg's rise to prominence through her famous school strikes and impactful public speaking. Read more... More about Hulu , Greta Thunberg , I Am Greta , Entertainment , and Streaming Services

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