Edward Snowden's one and only NFT (so far) sold for a bonkers $5 million

Whistleblower Edward Snowden's NFT just sold for over $5 million , or 2,224 Ethereum, at auction. Due do Ethereum's price fluctuations, the value of  the purchase has been bouncing between $5.2 million and $5.5 million. 
The digital artwork, called Stay Free , features Snowden's Platon portrait comprised of the court documents of the ruling in 2013 the violated the law when he exposed the NSA's mass surveillance efforts. Snowden produced and signed Stay Free , the only NFT he's produced as of now.
An NFT, or non-fungible token , is a type of cryptocurrency. They're digital objects you can own or trade, and can be seen as a sort of digital collectable cards. Read more... More about Edward Snowden , Cryptocurrency , Nft , Tech , and Cryptocurrency Blockchain

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