Singles don't want to date non-voters, according to new OkCupid survey

If I'm perusing a dating app and someone mentions being apolitical, or not caring about politics, I grimace. Being apolitical? In this (ravaged) economy (and global pandemic and time of social unrest)?
I'm not alone in this, according to data found by OkCupid . Over 500,000 users said they couldn't date someone who didn't vote, according to new data provided by the dating app. Those who say they're registered voters are 63 percent more likely to get a match — and 85 percent more likely to receive a message. 
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Given that its user base cares about the upcoming election, OkCupid is launching the Voter 2020 badge to millions of users across the country. Here's how it'll work : The app will ask users the new matching question, "Are you registered to vote in the 2020 election?" Those who answer yes will see the badge automatically added to their profile.  Read more... More about Dating Apps , Election 2020 , Okcupid , Culture , and Sex Relationships

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