Brie Larson teaching Tessa Thompson how to play 'Fortnite' is just a nice time

Captain Marvel star Brie Larson has stopped counting how many hours she's put into Fortnite within the last year, but it's a lot. 
So, because there's little else to do, she decided to video call her Marvel Cinematic Universe pal, Tessa Thompson, from her "gaming cave" to show Valkyrie the ropes of the battle royale game. 
"I've lost a lot of my life to this game is what I'm saying," says Larson, before jumping into it, leaving the game's Captain Marvel outfit in the lobby. The pair establish their two goals: win and tame a wolf — and one of these goes better than the other. For anyone who doesn't know how to play Fortnite , it's actually a good intro, and it's worth it for Larson's shot at around six minutes. Read more... More about Brie Larson , Tessa Thompson , Entertainment , Gaming , and Celebrities

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