How a year of living online has changed us

Imagine a household where everyone logged on to the internet in the morning and spent the rest of the day online. Four hours on Zoom or FaceTime. Three hours browsing the web. Three hours scrolling through Facebook , Instagram , and Twitter . Three hours gaming. Four hours streaming HD Netflix . Imagine they did this every day of the month. 
It seems impossible that so many people sit in front of their screens for so long, and yet something like it is a new normal in America. As work, school, and social interactions migrated online once COVID-19 became a global pandemic last March, the average monthly household data use in 2020 skyrocketed by 40 percent compared to the prior year, according to OpenVault, a global provider of broadband industry analytics. That figure includes tablet, computer, gaming console, and mobile phone data that uses a household's broadband internet connection, but doesn't reflect when someone accesses the internet through their cellular data. Read more... More about Mental Health , Covid 19 , Social Good , and Health

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