Want to try that 'nature's cereal' from TikTok? You need a good ice maker.

Save $20: Make restaurant-style ice at home with the Igloo countertop ice maker on sale for $119.99 at Amazon as of March 11.
If you've been online lately, you've probably seen people eating bowls of fruit, coconut water, and ice. TikTok user @natures_food posted the original video of the concoction, calling it "nature's cereal." Then Lizzo posted a video of her trying it, with the addition of ice because she "likes ice with [her] cereal." Ice became part of the trend and everyone recreating the recipe included the frozen bits.
Let's be real, you'd be lying if you said you weren't interested in trying nature's cereal. To do it Lizzo's way, you need some good ice, and we found a portable ice maker on sale as of March 11 for anyone who doesn't have a fridge with an ice maker built in. Head to Amazon and grab the Igloo ICEBNH26RD countertop ice maker on sale for $119.99, saving you $20. Read more... More about Kitchen , Mashable Shopping , Tiktok , Culture , and Food

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