The new 'Harvest Moon' is so bad that it kind of broke me

OK, let's call it Harvest Moon: One World , released on March 3 2021, is the official time of death for what was once one of the most beloved farming simulators ever. And — not to be dramatic — but it turned whatever remained of my dying soul into actual dust.
To be clear, Harvest Moon has been limping toward zombification for years now, becoming more and more of a husk of its former self since 2014 . After switching publishers, the original Harvest Moon creators were forced to change their series' name to Story of Seasons (which has a new Switch title coming out on March 23), allowing the original publisher, Natsume, to release awful, artless imitations under the Harvest Moon name so uninformed fans like myself would buy it before realizing they'd made a horrible mistake.  Read more... More about Video Games , Animal Crossing , Stardew Valley , Harvest Moon , and Entertainment

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