British woman tries ranch dressing for the first time and tastes enlightenment

A British woman's first time trying ranch dressing is going viral. 
Dawn Farmer, who describes herself as a "Typical Brit" in her TikTok bio, posts videos of herself reacting to foreign snacks. In past videos, she's compared American Pop-Tarts with their British counterparts, Fruity Pebbles (which she despised), and Warheads. Few inspired a spiritual awakening like trying ranch dressing for the first time did. 
"To be honest, I'd never even heard of ranch dressing until a few months ago from my TikTok," the Leeds-based creator told her followers. "Someone kindly sent me this original ranch, I'm not sure if this is the go-to ranch flavor, but I'm gonna try it."  Read more... More about Viral Videos , Tiktok , Culture , and Web Culture

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