This 11-course coding bootcamp could be the first step to a new career

TL;DR: Learn more about the foundations of coding with the 2020 Ultimate Web Developer and Design Bootcamp bundle for $39.99, a 98% savings as of Aug. 9. 

The year 2020 : what an absolute doozy. Hopefully, your job is steady despite the circumstances — and cutting it for you in terms of salary and fulfillment. But if that's not the case, you may need to beef up your résumé a little to make it shine for (better paying) potential employers.
If you've got your heart set on a lucrative position in tech as a web developer, here's something to get you started: The 2020 Ultimate Web Developer and Design Bootcamp Bundle . This in-depth training packs 11 courses on a wide array of tools and languages, so you can learn them all or poke around to focus on just the specialties you're pursuing. At just $39.99 , it's worth it for even just a few of the courses.   Read more... More about Coding , Web Development , Online Learning , Mashable Shopping , and Tech

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