Got a COVID vaccine early? Congrats, now it's time to advocate for health equity.

In the late afternoon on a Wednesday in February, a middle-aged woman wearing a ruffled business top pulled up in her car to the vaccine pre-registration checkpoint at a Los Angeles County mass vaccination site. An older man sat in the passenger seat. 
"I'm here to get a second vaccine shot for my father," she said. 
"Great! Does he have his ID and vaccine card? Can I see it? Great. Please have it ready to show the nurse at the checkpoint! Have a nice day!" I said, bending down to talk to her through her window. 
I expected the woman to drive ahead, just as most cars had. I was a civilian volunteer at the Six Flags Magic Mountain site that day, and my job was to make sure people had everything they needed before they went to the next step in the process. That way, busy nurses wouldn't have to wait for people to rummage through their belongings before they could assess their eligibility and keep the vaccination line moving. Read more... More about Vaccine , Coronavirus , Covid 19 , Social Good , and Health

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