Apple changes 'subscribe' to 'follow' on Podcasts because people think subscribing means paying

Apple will soon no longer let users “subscribe” to podcasts. Instead, podcast fans will “follow” their favorite shows.
This change to Apple Podcasts will roll out with the release of iOS 14.5. However, the next iOS update beta, where users can currently see the change, is currently available.
The switch from “subscribe” to “follow” in Apple Podcasts was first noticed by PodNews , an outlet that reports on the podcasting industry. 
It may seem like semantics, but it’s actually a pretty important update. Edison Research, a market analysis firm, found that 47 percent of people who don’t listen to podcasts thought it cost money to “subscribe” to podcasts. In a recent newsletter , senior vice president of Edison Research Tom Webster stressed that the reason for this is because of the word “subscribe.”  Read more... More about Podcasts , Tech , Web Culture , and Big Tech Companies

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