40 of the best deals on power banks, wireless chargers, cables, and more

We may not want to admit it outright, but we can't live without our electronic devices. Then again, our beloved devices are as good as bricks when their batteries hit zero. What we're saying is this: while gadgets are great investments, you shouldn't overlook the chargers you use, too.
Whether you want cables that don't fray after only weeks of use or power banks that you can bring with you everywhere, here are deals on power devices you'll want to snatch up:
Wireless chargers
Executive Wireless Desktop Charger and Organizer
Keep your desk clutter-free with this wireless desktop charger and organizer. Made of sturdy bamboo, this organizer boasts a sleek design that goes in any space. Grab it on sale for $59.99 . Read more... More about Chargers , Mashable Shopping , Cool Gadgets , Tech , and Consumer Tech

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