The best tweets of the week, including Pink Floyd, Gritty, and a massive skeleton

Here we are: Friday, baby. That means it's time for good tweets. 
Over here at Mashable we've been collecting our favorite tweets every week. Why? Why not, good reader.  
We can, and we will, keep doing this. I will not stop. Even if you write me a personal letter begging me to please never blog about good tweets again, I will blog nonetheless. This is how I track time these days, please let me be.
So here they are, the 12 best tweets of the week.
1. Dad levels cranked all the way up to 11

my dad is sitting outside in an inflatable hot tub listening to dark side of the moon and i get this fucking text
— john entwistle's hands (@thewhostellout) September 24, 2020
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