No, a DNA kit for your pet is not extra — and these 3 are on sale

Pet DNA kits on sale as of Sept. 25:
BIGGEST SAVINGS: Basepaws Cat DNA Breed and Health Kit — save $50
OUR PICK: Embark Dog DNA Breed and Health Kit — save $30
BEST FOR REALLY MIXED MUTTS: Wisdom Panel Premium Dog DNA Kit — save $30

Our pets have been by our side through the unfamiliar (and often lonely) territory that is working from home — fervently offering companionship despite the fact that we're intruding on their run of the house during the nine-to-five.
As a token of our gratitude, the gift of having a better answer than "IDK, just a mix" when someone asks what breed they are just seems fitting. Pet DNA tests work similarly to AncestryDNA or 23andMe for humans , providing a breakdown of their family tree and a better idea of what breed gives your cat or dog their quirks (or their one floppy ear and one pointed ear).  Read more... More about Pets , Dna Test , Mashable Shopping , Culture , and Animals

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