Amazon's 'Utopia' is dark, mean as hell, and poorly timed

It was somewhere around the time the first child died that I decided Utopia isn't for me. 
At least I think that's when it was. Truthfully, Amazon's mean-spirited adaptation of the UK series from 2013 overflows with so much unearned nastiness that my interest started to waver by the end of the first episode. And that's not even mentioning the story's ill-timed focus on a mysterious pandemic, or the vaguely anti-vaxx sentiment that pervades its slow reveal.
Yeah. I know. Not great timing.
Utopia is a mystery at heart. But it doesn't even start to reveal itself in a meaningful way until the second and third hours. That means an early focus on inexplicably, enigmatically cruel acts is the propulsive energy meant to hook you. Yes, there's violence, but "Why is this happening? " is the question you're meant to get stuck on. Read more... More about Amazon Prime Video , Utopia , Entertainment , Streaming Services , and Movies Tv Shows

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