Mail in your knives and this service will sharpen them for you

TL;DR: Send in five knives to be sharpened by Knife Aid for just $64.99, a $4 savings as of Sept. 25.

A sharp knife is much safer to use than a dull knife. You'll use less pressure to make it work, so it's less likely to slip and cut you. Plus, it just feels better. Ever tried to slice a tomato with a dull knife? It's more of a squish.
If your knives are in need of sharpening, you have a few options. You could buy a sharpener and do the job yourself or take them to a local shop to have them sharpened. You could also use a service like Knife Aid , which lets you mail your dull knives in for master knifesmiths to sharpen and return good as new. Read more... More about Mashable Shopping , Kitchen Tools , Culture , and Other

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