Disney+'s 'Secret Society of Second-Born Royals' is a dull 'X-Men' knockoff with an identity crisis

The narrator of Secret Society of Second-Born Royals opens with a line that so badly wants to be cool: "You know the fairytale about the princess waiting for some brave prince to come and save her? Yeah, this is not that kind of story." But remember all the movies about a group of sparky superheroes who learn to use their powers and save the day? Yeah, it is exactly that kind of story, only this one doesn't have the thrilling special effects, layered plots, or compelling characters of its big-budget counterparts.
The straight-to-Disney+ release follows Sam, a modern-day European princess who wants to do something that matters and doesn’t understand why her soon-to-be-queen older sister (Ashley Liao) is so devoted to the kingdom. So naturally, Sam plays loud rock music with her best friend to a tiny group of protesters who want to tear down the monarchy for no clearly defined reason other than she’s rebellious . Welp, her continued shenanigans end her up in jail, and to tone down her wild side, her mom (Elodie Yung), the queen, sends her to summer school. Only when she shows up, she realizes it’s not summer school and actually a Read more... More about Superheroes , Princess , Movie Review , Disney Channel Original Movies , and Disney

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