Ridepanda is the online store for e-bike enthusiasts done with sharing

There are endless apps for scooter- and bike-sharing. On top of that, there's a long list of choices for electric bicycles, scooters, trikes, unicycles, skateboards, light-weight motorcycles, and mopeds. It's a lot. 
So Chinmay Malaviya and Charlie Depman, former execs at Lime, Scoot and Bird, built an online store dedicated to all rides electric, all in one place Ridepanda launched Wednesday with curated e-rides for e-scooters, e-bikes, and e-mopeds. It's built around custom searches based on preferences like price, comfort, ratings, or even weight. There's also a quiz to find your personalized list of suggested rides. Read more... More about Electric Vehicles , E Bike , E Scooter , Tech , and Transportation

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