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Beaverslide Haying  
Describes the old practice of harvesting hay in rural Montana using a beaverslide, sickle mowers, side-rakes, and buck rakes.
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Buffer Strips: Common Sense Conservation  
Discusses the uses and benefits of having small areas or strips of land in permanent vegetation, designed to intercept pollutants, prevent soil erosion and manage other environmental concerns.
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EPA : Global Warming : Impacts  
Discussion of the likely effects of global warning on US agriculture.
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Farming Systems and Poverty  
Maps of farming systems, resources, soils, crops and livestock in six world regions. Also analyses of the trends, emerging constraints and priority development actions.
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Links to research projects about implementing site-specific management systems on farms.
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Fatal Harvest  
Book featuring essays on industrial agriculture and its effects on farmers and consumers.
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Integrated Farming Information Network  
A forum for information, information exchange and development in integrated farming in Europe.
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Living With Nature  
Information on how an arid area of land is made productive, using inter-cropping and organic farming practices.
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Manitoba's Management Plus Program  
Provides farmers and industry with crop information and freeware, from the Manitoba Crop Insurance database.
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Manure Management  
Cornell University projects and information on manure management, to reduce energy costs, increase profitability, and improve environmental impacts.
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