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Cereals (250)
Fiber Crops (82)
Grassland, Hay and Forage (87)
Legumes (125)
Oilseeds (34)
Pests and Diseases (10)
Root Crops (122)
Sugarcane (17)
Tobacco (27)

Advances in New Crops  
Proceedings of the First National Symposium of the Center for new crops and plant products of the Purdue University which focuses on research, development, and economics.
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Agronomy Program  
Plans and conducts applied research and extension programs on forages and sugar cane for the mineral (sandy) and adjacent (organic) soils of Florida's cattle and sugar cane production areas at the Southwest Florida Research and Education Center of the Uni
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Alternative Field Crops Manual  
Detailed information on the production of a number of agronomic crops adapted to the upper Midwestern U.S., from adzuki bean to wild rice.
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Australian New Crops Project  
Information about "new" crop developments, from the University of Queensland.
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Badgersett Research Corporation  
Research and development of hazelnuts and chestnuts for use as staple crops, sale of seedlings and nuts. Minnesota.
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Catholic Educator's Resource Center: Population  
Food is more abundant and cheaper today than ever before in history due to a dramatic improvement in agricultural productivity that swept the globe in the 1960s.
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Center for New Crops and Plant Products  
Extensive collection of information from Purdue University on crop diversification.
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Sources of information from Purdue University on promising new crops for food, timber, shade, soil improvement.
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Famine Foods  
A list and description of plants that are not normally considered as crops but are consumed in times of famine.
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Lost Crops of the Incas  
An online book, presenting little-known plants of the Andes with promise for worldwide cultivation.
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