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Roommates (27)

AOL Real Estate: Apartments  
Apartment and roommate locators, renting advice and news articles about the U.S. rental market.
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Apartment Gardening  
Information on balcony, patio and window gardening.
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Apartment Living  
A discussion forum for those living in apartments, condominiums and co-ops. Topics range from roommate problems, maintenance issues, leases to decorating.
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Apartment Reviews  
Features reviews of apartments by tenants. Provides an apartment rating form.
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Good for Apartment Life  
Provides a list of dog breeds suited to apartment living. Each breed is linked to a detailed description.
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Living In Your Apartment  
Hints and tips to solving common storage, decoration, and styling problems.
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MetLife Renting an Apartment  
A guide to renting an apartment and understanding tenants' rights and responsibilities before signing the lease.
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Rental Decorating Digest  
Tips and tricks for decorating for the renter.
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So You Wanna Decorate Your Apartment Cheaply?  
This article explains how to evaluate the space in your apartment, decide on a style, choose a color scheme and find bargains when decorating your apartment.
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Space Management Survival Guide  
Studio apartment solutions for "hiding and otherwise disguising belongings that needed to be stored in a small space."
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