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A Brief Note Regarding Campa Medical Practices  
Describes the author's experiences with Campa Indian remedies in the Amazon River Basin.
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Alternative Cancer Treatment  
A treatment center in Thailand specializing in the use of natural healing methods and herbs to treat cancer.
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American Indian Traditional Medicine in Treating Chronic Illness  
Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona at Beth Israel's Center for Health and Healing presents research on how Native American traditional practices can integrate with traditional medicine to treat chronic illness. Includes comparison and demographic charts.
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Ascending Enterprises - Old Fashioned Remedies  
By Lois Lenz, Medicine Woman. Offers solutions for a variety of everyday health problems.
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Culturally Diverse Childrearing Practices: Abusive or Just Different?  
Discusses non-traditional discipline and healing practices of various cultures as related to perceived abuse or neglect. Includes references.
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Curanderismo: Folk Healing in the Southwest  
Radio documentary describing traditional healing with herbs, aromas, massage and rituals. Requires Real Player.
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Folk Medicine  
Referenced article by a home healthcare nurse from West Virginia about the history of folk medicine and practices still in use.
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Folk Medicine - Bordering the Future  
Brief commentary on folk healing in the Texas border regions.
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Folk Medicine in Hispanics in the Southwestern United States  
Treatise prepared by a Baylor College of Medicine assistant professor outlining some Hispanic folkloric beliefs and the importance of considering such beliefs during standard medical treatment.
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Folk Medicine, Amish and Swiss-Pennsylvania German  
Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia article describing 18th and 19th century remedies and the proliferation of folk healing among Amish and Mennonite cultures.
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