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Ace of Aces (1)
Advanced Squad Leader (3)
Avalanche Games (16)
Axis and Allies (14)
Battle for Moscow (2)
Battleship (2)
BattleTech (29)
Blitzkrieg (2)
Crimson Skies (1)
Cults Across America (1)
Devil's Cauldron (1)
Diplomacy (71)
Diskwars (2)
Empires in Arms (4)
Europe 1483 (1)
Great War in Africa, The (1)
Hai Lu Kong Zhan Qi (1)
Harpoon (2)
Insecta (1)
Life as a Liberal - Life as a Conservative (1)
Macher, Die (1)
Memoir '44 (1)
Phoenix Command (2)
Raid on St-Nazaire (1)
Raider (1)
Rise of the Red Army (1)
Risk (19)
Rome's Greatest Foe (1)
Spanish Civil War, The (1)
Squares (1)
Titan (8)
Totaler Krieg (1)
Viktory (2)
War to End All Wars, The (1)
World in Flames (2)

Armour Page  
Free downloadable gaming materials, including rules, software, scenarios, and at least one complete boardgame
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Blue Max Page  
World War I air combat rules, for board game or miniatures.
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Cardboard Strategyst  
Overview of classical wargaming, reviews, and some player aids for games classified by subject.
- (Report Broken Link)

Club Nihon Simulation  
Features information on war games produced in Japan, particularly in the sci-fi anime tradition.
- (Report Broken Link)

Derby Wargames Society  
UK club address.
- (Report Broken Link)

Eric Pass' Home Page  
Home page of an avid PBEM gamer - many game replays and turn summaries. Also Squad Leader mailing list resources.
- (Report Broken Link)

GMT Games: Wargames, Military Simulations  
GMT Games web site with descriptions of games, a discussion site, an order area, and news.
- (Report Broken Link)

Gurth's Phoenix Command  
Contains rule modifications for Phoenix Command.
- (Report Broken Link)

HisSim South Kanagawa  
Discussion forum for the Historical Simulation Boardgamers Society of Japan. Members usually meet in Kanagawa, Japan but anyone with an interest in games, Japan, or the world may join the forum.
- (Report Broken Link)

India Wargamers  
A wargaming group. Games played includes Piquet, Ancient Warfare and De Bellis Multitudinis. With battle reports, campaign notes, articles, and list of players.
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