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A* Pathfinding for Beginners  
Introduction to the A* path finding algorithm.
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AI Wisdom  
A database of Artificial Intelligence articles specific to games that appeared in game programming books, magazines, conferences, or on the Internet.
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Amit's Thoughts on Path-Finding  
Online paper about path-finding, including the A* algorithm and a greedy algorithm. Implementation notes, precalculation, map representations, heuristics, applications.
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Computer Games  
Companion site for the book "Artificial Intelligence for Computer Games: An Introduction." Includes bibliography, chapter guide, errata, and relevant links.
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ASCII Robot Soccer  
Unix soccer-like testbed. Source code (C++ with curses and termcap), executable, and screenshots.
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CGF-AI Links to Game AI and Tactical AI Resources  
A number of annotated links referring to tactical AI (for games, military simulations, or academic applications) and general game AI.
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Checkers program written by Jonathan Schaeffer et al.; play online. Publications, endgame database statistics, game records.
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Dynamic Stochastic Control - A New Approach To Game Tree Searching  
Robin Upton's Ph.D. Thesis uses this branch of Probability Theory to generalise conspiracy numbers, developing the search method known as PCN*, conspiracy probabilities.
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Our goal is to develop a generic architecture for autonomously operating agents, like computer-guided characters/mobiles/items, within a complex computer-game environment.
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Game AI  
Publications, predictions, source code, and quotes having to do with AI and artificial life in games; mostly commercial video games, some board and card games.
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