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Confy's Computer Science Conference Calendar  
Confy keeps track of computer science events and deadlines (conferences, workshops, symposiums, etc.). You can easily create your own overview of events you are interested in yourself. Supports RSS and inclusion of such a list on your own webpage.
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Engineering and Knowledge Management (EKAW)  
2006, October 2-6, Poderbrady, Czech Republic. Managing Knowledge in a World of Networks. Submission deadline 12 April 2006.
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Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society (FLAIRS)  
2006, May 11-13, Melbourne Beach, Florida. 19th conference covering general AI with special tracks in case-based reasoning, autonomous agents, machine learning and neural networks. Submission deadline: 21 November 2005.
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International Conference on Adaptive and Natural Computing Algorithms (ICANNGA)  
2007. April 11-14. Poland, Warsaw.
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International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Engineering and Technology (ICAIET)  
2006, November 22-24, Malaysia, Sabah.
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International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML)  
2006, June 25-29, Pittsburgh, Penn, US. A premier machine learning conference. Submission date: 30 January 2006.
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International Workshop on Deontic Logic in Computer Science (DEON)  
2006 July 12-14, Utrecht, Netherlands. The workshop supports research linking the formal-logical study of normative concepts with computer science, artificial intelligence, philosophy, organization theory and law.
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International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning (QR)  
2006, July 10-12, Hanover, New Hampshire, USA. Understanding human reasoning about physical systems for supplementing conventional modeling, analysis, diagnosis, and control techniques.
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Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS)  
2006, December 4-9, Vancouver, Canada. Neural computation, learning theory, algorithms and architectures, neuroscience, vision, speech, control and diverse applications.
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Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence (SCAI)  
2006 October 25-27, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland. To assemble researchers from the Nordic countries, with some additional international participation.
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