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A Brief Introduction to Graphical Models and Bayesian Networks  
Kevin Murphy's tutorial, including a recommended reading list.
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An Introduction to Bayesian Networks and Their Contemporary Applications  
A survey and tutorial by Daryle Niedermayer - covers material on Bayesian inference in general and selected industrial applications of graphical models
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Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence  
Main association for belief network researchers. Runs the annual Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI) conferences, and the UAI mailing list.
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B-Course - Dependence and classification modeling  
A free, interactive tutorial on Bayesian modeling, in particular dependence and classification modeling.
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Bayesian Network Repository  
Maintained by Gal Elidan - over a dozen publicly available networks with documentation, in several popular interchange formats
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Belief Networks and Variational Methods : Amos Storkey  
Dynamic Trees are mixtures of tree structured belief networks, and are used as models for image segmentation and tracking.
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Belief Revision  
Software, publications, teaching material, and news on belief revision - from the Business and Technology Research Laboratory at the University of Newcastle, Australia
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Cause, chance and Bayesian statistics  
Briefing document with a short survey of Bayesian statistics
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Daphne's Approximate Group of Students (DAGS)  
Daphne Koller's research group on probabilistic representation, reasoning, and learning at Stanford University
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Decision Systems Lab (DSL)  
Research group at the University of Pittsburgh with links to books and software on probabilistic, decision-theoretic, and econometric graphical models
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