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Artists Helping Artists  
Nonprofit organization that offers roundtables and contests, and creates call to arts expos.
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Artsyard: A Cyber Colony for the Arts  
Provides temporary and permanent residencies to professionals in the arts in any part of the world.
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Athenaeum International Cultural Association  
International cultural association organizes panels, research and lectures.
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CEC ArtsLink  
Works with artists, art managers and museums in the U.S., Russia, the NIS and Eastern and Central Europe, to combine efforts and address issues of mutual concern.
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College Art Association  
Promotes excellence in scholarship and teaching in the history and criticism of the visual arts and in creativity and technical skill in the teaching and practices of art.
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Foundation for Art Resources (FAR)  
Facilitates the production and presentation of work not supported by traditional venues such as galleries, museums, and universities.
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French-American Collaborative in Language and Art  
A not-for-profit group of artists, writers, photographers, film-makers and linguists
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Institute for Cultural Exchange  
The Institute understands itself as link between artists, cultural institutions and companies.
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Institute for Distributed Creativity  
The research of the IDC focuses on collaboration in media art, technology, and theory with an emphasis on social contexts.
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International Child Art Foundation  
ICAF, a not-for-profit organization, celebrates and promotes children's art, imagination and creativity globally.
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