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African (8)
Ancient Near Eastern (3)
Assyro-Babylonian (17)
Australian Aboriginal (8)
Baltic (5)
British and Celtic (33)
Caribbean (2)
Chinese (9)
Classical (12)
Comparative Mythology (13)
Creation (14)
Directories (7)
Egyptian (41)
Eurasian (3)
Finnish (3)
Greek (76)
Indian (14)
Japanese (9)
Judaic (1)
Modern Myths (4)
Mythologists (9)
Native American (37)
Norse (28)
Oceanic (11)
Roman (8)
Slavic (5)
Sumerian (3)
Tibetan (2)

Age of Fable Or Beauties of Mythology
Online publication of the 1913 edition of Thomas Bulfinch's classic.
- (Report)

Flood Stories from Around the World
Brief description of flood myths from cultures all over the globe.
- (Report)

Godchecker - Mythology with a Twist
Explores the quirky side of mythology with humorous research, including a Holy Database of the weird and wonderful gods from around the world.
- (Report)

Gods, Heroes, and Myth
Listings by culture of people and places from legend and myth, with links to tales.
- (Report)

Gods, Monsters and Myths
Brief accounts of popular myths and legends from Greece and Rome, Egypt, Japan, China, and India.
- (Report)

Greek Mythology and Creation Myths
Collection of Greek myths and legends as well as creation and flood myths from all over the world.
- (Report)

Literature Network - Thomas Bulfinch
Offers biography and a searchable collection of works.
- (Report)

Morgana's Observatory: Universal Myths and Mysterious Places
Myths of creation, flood, and afterlife, along with some legends.
- (Report)

Myths, deities, and mythological characters from across the world listed by culture, with discussion board and large collection of links.
- (Report)

Mythic Arts
Writings on mythology, psychopomps, death and the afterlife, ritual and symbolism, and creativity.
- (Report)

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