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About.com: Animation Guide
Keep up with developments in online animation for all skill levels. Download tools, and seek inspiration from online work.
- (Report)

Animation - American and Japanese
Dan Patanella's essays and reviews on over three dozen films and animated series. Also includes list of animation books, articles, and magazines.
- (Report)

Animation World Network
Provides information resources to the international animation community. Features include searchable database archives, monthly magazine, web animation guide, the Animation Village, discussion forums and other useful resources.
- (Report)

Digital Media FX: The History of Animation
Michael Crandol takes an exhaustive look at the history of animation and animators/visionaries like Max Fleisher, Walter Lantz, and Otto Messmer.
- (Report)

Enculturation: From Mouse to Mouse: Overcoming Information
Essay by Patricia Pisters on the animated image and its changing relationship with the cinematic image.
- (Report)

History of Animation: Before Disney
A short, illustrated essay by Patrick James on the basics of early animations.
- (Report)

Richard's Animated Divots
Chronology of animated movies, television programs, and short cartoons. Includes animation filmographies and a list of anime television series.
- (Report)

Spark Online: Only Genius Is Genius
Chris Romano feels that the proliferation of Flash and other web-based animation technologies has not improved the overall quality of animation and cartoons.
- (Report)

British cartoon, animation and comic strip creations - links, reviews and news from the UK.
- (Report)

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